Monday, February 9, 2009

Kaylee's New Tent

I took the tent that I got Kaylee for Christmas back a while ago. It was so cute and Kaylee loved it, but it was falling apart. When I got online and started reading the reviews on it everyone was saying the same thing. One of the things Kaylee liked most about it was the lights around the door. So I started looking for another one and found only this one with lights. The only place I could find it was on e-bay for $75. I was not going to spend that much. Then I happened to find it on JCPenny for $20. We got it and Kaylee loves it. It is really cute. Hopefully, It won't fall apart like the last one. She is already asking to sleep in it tonight.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aubrey Sage

Aubrey will be nine months old on the 14th this month and she is finally crawling. She could have been crawling a while ago, but I think she was just lazy. She would always go forward a couple steps then give up and go back to sitting. A couple days ago she finally decided to crawl across the livong room. She now goes everywhere, although she does have a little bit of a harder time on the hardwood floor. It's hard to imagine that Kaylee was starting to walk at her age.

Aubrey loves food. She will eat anything I give her. Lately, she has become such a little begger. She loves ice cream. She will actuall take pretty big bites out of it. It is surprising since she still doesn't have any teeth. I keep waiting for them though. I love her in this outfit. I think she looks so cute in it. Not the best picture, but I had to put it on.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going Private

I will be going private at the end of this month. If you want to continue to look at my blog leave me your email adress in a comment. Thanks.