Monday, March 9, 2009

Your Ruining My Life!

This is what has come out of Kaylee's mouth a lot lately. Yes, she is only three and saying it. I can't imagine what she will be telling me when she is sixteen. Everyone warns you about the terrible two's, but they should really be warning you about the naughty three's. She has definitely reached a whole new level. She has been so sassy lately. So I was a little worried the first time she told me I was ruining her life, but now it just makes me laugh. I guess I am doing something right if she is telling me that already.

Friday, March 6, 2009


We had so much fun in Hawaii. The kids were really good. They had so much fun. Kaylee loved being able to see all the fish and dolphins. Aubrey got her first tooth while we were there. Yeah! She was so happy for teething the whole time.

These next three pictures were taken at South Point. We drove there with my Brother and his family one day. Everyone thought they were crazy for jumping off the cliff. They had quite a audience. They also jumped in the blowhole, wich looks really scary. Zan and I were a little nervous when they decided to. There were a couple of guys from England there, that thought they were completly nuts for doing it. They just kept saying how they wouldn't even dare do it. I think that only fueled Shane and Johnny.

Kaylee loved being able to look at all the fish on the board. All the kids had fun with them.

We have to thank my parents for this wonderful trip. We had so much fun. Kaylee still talks about it, and wants to go back.